Musical Bites

About Us

The Birth of Musical Bites

Musical Bites is a band started by father and son, Atul Kumar and Rishabh Prasad. We make short covers and mashups of Bollywood music.

What started as father son jam sessions in our basement quickly became an invite to play at someone's house for a Diwali party. One invite turned into three and before we knew it we were playing at every big gathering during the holiday season. We used to record our performances to share with friends and family, and it’s those very videos that gave birth to our band. You can check out these live performances on our YouTube channel!

Soon after our start we were joined by our long time friend and fellow musician Devendra Auti. Although the band was formed a year ago, the three of us have been playing music and singing together for the past 7 years or so. Our lead singer Atul and pianist Devendra have been jamming together since their college days. Musical Bites is our way of sharing this very special musical bond between the three of us, to a much larger audience. We hope our music covers make you feel like you are a part of our jam sessions!

The Process

Each band member has a very special role. Atul is the lead singer of the band, and he also plays background music on his acoustic guitar. Rishabh plays the lead guitar, on his electric, and occasionally sings. Devendra can be seen playing the harmonium, piano, and the tabla. Being the music aficionados we are, you can also catch us mixing it up and playing a large slew of other instruments as well, such as the tambourine, drums, and cajon.

Behind every video is a very long procedure. We start by getting inspiration from some of our favorite Bollywood songs, old and new, and then pick a song to cover. After we select a song or multiple songs to mash up we practice playing the song for a few weeks and our spin to the song. Next we record multiple layers of the song on different instruments. Then we send these recordings to Devendra. After he records his parts we then edit the tracks layering them on top of each other so that they match up. Once we have the track ready it’s time to record the video! Once all the components have been recorded we send the video to our in house editor for post production. Once the editing is done and the thumbnail has been made the video is ready to be uploaded and shared with our friends & family. Each video is thoughtfully filmed and edited to create the best viewing experience for YOU!

Some of our best hits include Sholay Theme Music, Aaoge Jub Tum, Hothon Se! You can check those out, along with all of our covers, on our YouTube channel.

The proccess of putting songs on our channel is a long precedure. We first discuss and choose a song to make. After we choose the song we practice the song for a long time. After that we record our parts to the song. Then we send these recordings to Devendra. After he records his parts we then edit the tracks so they match up. After all of that we record the videos. We then put the tracks and the videos together and post them on Youtube.